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Operator Desk


2013 | BLACKCAM 4D

Blackcam is a startup company based in Berlin. They develop the world's smallest rail-bound camera systems.

To ensure maximum versatility the cameras are remote controlled.
For BLACKCAM we designed one of those "remote controls" which are called "Operator Desks" in the broadcasting and video industry.


In great cooperation with Florian Buchegger


The task was clear: Create a new and unique operator desk for Blackcam.

UX Studies

To start off we visited an exclusive concert of the "breathtaking" Linda Hesse in Berlin.
This was important to get a better understanding of the broadcasting business and an idea of the job of a video operator.

Tempodrom, Berlin

This concert was recorded and streamed for Sony Music by BlackcamSystem. So we were able to follow the whole process of a professional video production.

This experience, next to other events and concerts we visited, has been a major influence to our work.


In order to get a broad view over the topic we started intensive research on a great variety of "input devices".
So, next to stage, music and video equipment we also had a close look at interfaces of videogames, computers, cars, military devices, construction equipment, vintage cameras, furniture, etc.

Problem Description

The major learning for me was that in such a professional and low volume market the quality of the material, the finish of a switch, the graphics, the right proportions are extremely important. Sometimes maybe even more important than the overall formal concept.

So we decided early on to do a major part of our work on the computer which helped a lot to fine-tune the proportions and material qualities.

Pictures by Florian Buchegger

Ideation | Sketching

Those first ideation sketches are not so much about the shape. It was more about parting lines, small details, ergonomics, transport, and learnings from our UX experiences.

CAD | Models

As mentioned before we went into CAD pretty early in order to simulate materials, colors, displays, proportions, ...

To check and optimize our results we built foam models. Top view renderings helped a lot to judge the quality of each proposal.

Concept Renderings

The renderings to the right were the final result of the concept stage and very appreciated by our customer. To be continued ...