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LED Spotlight


2007 | LUMITECH GmbH

The LUMITECH Softbox was a spin off project from my degree work.

Lumitech, a company focused on developing and producing LED technology, wanted a design concept for a spotlight using/showing their technology.

The result is a semi modular concept in order to house different lens and reflector sizes.

Research and Analysis

I started the research phase by interviewing people related to exhibition lighting in order to get a better idea on how spotlights are used.

At the same time I tried to get an overview of the market. I visited concept stores, piled up lighting catalogues and scanned the internet.

Problem description

The main problem in the development of this product was the fact that the technology and hardware were still in development. Therefore requirements and parameters were constantly changing.

Besides, thermal management turned out to be a major issue.
The better the thermal management the longer the lifetime of the light source.
So one main focus was on the heat sink which had to be cheap in production yet efficient and visually appealing.


In order to keep the outside free from "80ies" cooling fins we decided to use the shell itself as the main radiator.
The additional cooling surfaces were placed on the inside taking advantage of the stack effect.

Moreover, it became clear that a distinct partition would help to (A) cope with different reflector/lens sizes and (B) reduce the bulky appearance of the package.


Based on a provisional package and the internal cooling idea in mind I developed different versions of the spotlight.


In order to achieve a proper appearance the work on details was of major importance due to the pretty big package. (reflectors instead of lenses)

Final Design

The final spotlight is dominated by the translucent PC front cover and the aluminum back cover.

While the complex aluminum part (heat sink) remains the same the PC cover changes depending on the reflector size.

This rendering shows a 45 mm lens optic.


On the backside of the Softbox there is an Interface for the manual light control.

With the help of this panel or a remote control one can change the brightness as well as the color temperature of the light.

Side view

Those renderings clearly show the difference between the 45 mm lens optic and the 60 mm reflector.

The screw on the right locks the spotlight at the right angle.


Those two renderings show the package.

The LED Modules, PCB, cooling fins, the ballast, and the huge 60 mm flood reflector.