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Lunatone DALI Switch One

DALI Switch


2010-2012 | Lunatone

The DALI switch is a contactless (light) switch for DALI systems.

Instead of a common mechanical system it features a new system based on magnets and hall sensors. Magnets define the position of the switch and provide tactile feedback, whereas Hall sensors detect the varying positions of the magnets.
This system offers some serious benefits. The additional dimming function is just one of them.

The DALI Switch One is one of a bunch of switches we developed from 2010 to 2013. We started from scratch and I was involved in concept generation, design, construction, model building and testing.

Click here for a PDF or a product video.

DI Alexander Mair - Lunatone

Problem Description

The reason to develop a new light switch is quite simple. For the first time since the invention of electric lighting there is a major change happening in how electric light is controlled.

The main reason is that an increasing number of computers, smartphones, tablets, ... are utilized to control, and optimize the use of light.
The common light switch, however, simply doesn't meet the requirements of current building automation and smart bus systems any more.

So what we need today is closer to a computer interface than a regular light switch.

Task and Analysis

The task was clear yet very challenging.
"A DALI light switch based on a hall sensor system."


Since we had to start from scratch we also had the possibility to question and challenge a lot of paradigms and "common knowledge".
So we started with a quite substantial research phase which was very inspiring and eventually led to several switches and proposals.

Eventually we decided on a concept that keeps it simple and familiar on the outside. On the inside, however, nothing stayed the same.


While we were working on another, more complex, prototype we decided to design a more simplified version.

The idea was to feature a new and unique function while keeping the appearance, handling and tactile feedback as familiar as possible.

Design Details

So we came up with a (2 way) rocker switch that could also be turned in order to dim lights, move sunscreens, and so on.


During the development uncountable models were built and dozens of constructions were tested.

Functional Details

We came up with a lot of different layouts, compared them, tested them and came up with new solutions.

We increased the complexity while keeping it simple at the same time. We tried to make installation easier, reduced the height of the boday and production costs.

And we built more models.


As soon as the design and construction reached a final stage the PCB was designed, equipped, tested and optimized.

Final Product

The final version of this (2 way) rocker switch is an amazing piece.

The Lunatone DALI Switch is a contactless switch. So there's no need for the common mechanical structure of a standard light switch. And this offers a lot of benefits.


• 2 Way Switch - Dimming Option
• Just 8,5 mm in height - easy installation
• No installation socket necessary
• One moving part - high precision, durability
• Closed Front - IP 44
• No Contact corrosion - Low voltage
• Low tooling and production costs
• Low material and energy costs
• Easily recyclable
• No contact spark