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Lunatone is a manufacturer of electronics in Vienna.
Customized products such as power electronics, electronic information technology, software and testing systems are developed and produced in their own facilities.
Some of Lunatone's well-known customers are business giants such as Siemens, Starlinger, Tridonic and Zumtobel.

For the last years I've been working on ...

• Product Concepts | Design | Development
• Product Engineering
• building Models and Prototypes
• Field tests
• Graphics | Web | Print | Visualization
• Product photography
• Content genergation
• Packaging Design


DI Alexander Mair - Lunatone

Here I want to give a quick overview of Lunatone and show some more projects that I've been working on.

DALI Touchpanel

DALI operating and control unit with up to 6 freely configurable keys. It is possible to choose between various preset functions.
Here you can see the back of the first panels we produced. To the right is my beloved colleague and genius working on the PCB.

I worked on this project from day 1 till its launch.

Housing concept

FE study and electronics


In the last years we started to build up a model shop for product tests and small scale productions.

Next to our two 3D printers and a laser cutter we also acquired a fancy vacuum chamber. Love it.

Marketing Workshop

Marketing workshop in Helsinki for a new product line. Thanks to Booncon and Marcel van Heist from afdelingbuitengewonezaken.

DALI Combination Sensor

The compact DALI motion sensor is also equipped with a light sensor, a temperature sensor or IR remote control receiver.

This project is in development.

Here are some testing arrangements. In this case we tested some lenses.

DALI Switch One

The DALI switch is a contactless (light) switch for DALI systems.

Instead of a common mechanical system it features a new system based on magnets and hall sensors. Magnets define the position of the switch and provide tactile feedback, whereas Hall sensors detect the varying positions of the magnets.

This system offers some serious benefits. The additional dimming function is just one of them.

The DALI Switch One is one of a bunch of switches we developed from 2010 to 2013. We started from scratch and I was involved in the concept generation, design, construction, model building and testing.

More information HERE.

Click here to see a product video.
Click here for a PDF.

Website | Print Products

During the last years we relaunched the Website and produced a wide variety of print products.

The Lunatone website (incl. all the product pictures) was created in close cooperation with Lukas Hafner, one of the founders of booncon.