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Watertap Concept



Phil is a water tap concept based on a new kind of handling concept.

In contrast to regular taps a circular movement turns the water on and off. By sliding the handle towards the sink the user turns the water on while sliding the handle back makes the water stop.
In this position the tap is out of the way and almost the whole sink can be used for washing purposes for instance.

By changing the handle (materials, shapes, sizes) a great variability can be achieved and many different needs can be addressed.
From a minimalist design statement to a tool focused on the special demands.

The brand name "GROHE" is exemplary and was picked randomly.


The task was to design a (sink mounted) water tap that reflects and corresponds to the “nature” of water.


Therefore I started to analyze the "nature" of different other "dispensers".

After a brief research I started a whole series of inspirational sketches.

Concept Sketches

Those inspirational sketches led to a whole bunch of conceptual approaches which had one thing in common. - The idea of an integrated handle.


When the handling concept was set, I tried to get the proportions and the ergonomics right.
So I built a real size mockup which helped a lot in finding the correct dimensions.

Choosing the right temperature

The temperature is chosen by pushing the tap to the left or right. In this case it's a sensor based solution but several other systems are possible.

Product Family

At the same time I focused strongly on the usability and modularity of the product.

Therefore the simple structure of Phil offers great flexibility. By simply changing the material, shape of the handle many needs can be addressed.
Rubber coated levers, for example, could help people suffering form Raynaud, Polyarthritis or Scleroderma.

Final Design

Phil is a sleek yet functional water tap system which can be adapted to meet various demands.

In the OFF position (right) the tap is out of the way so that the whole sink can be used for washing purposes, for instance.

In the ON position the handle and water outlet are closer to the user. Besides, the more water is released the more it faces towards the sink.

"Detachable handles" for kitchen use or "self stopping" systems were the handle is pulled back automatically might also be possible.